4 reasons to attend Google I / O Extended MienTrung 2019

(GDG MienTrung) – Google I / O 2019 event has just ended in the US 6 days ago, and in less than a month, Google I / O Extended MienTrung will return with the increase in the number of participants and quality

Discovering the four interesting factors of Google I / O Extended 2019:

1. Expecting to attract 1,000 attendees

In 2019, Danang Business Incubator (DNES) cooperates with Google Developer Group MienTrung (GDG MienTrung) to organize the Google I/O Extended MienTrung 2019 event. This is the first event in Vietnam that updates the information from the Google I/O conference in the US to the regional technology-loving community. We are expecting to attract more than 1,000 attendees who are developers and IT students in Danang city. In 3 years, the event has attracted nearly 2,000 participants directly, with thousands of interest and follow-up online, this demonstrate attraction and quality of a technology event in the region.

Google I / O Extended MienTrung will take place in Da Nang simultaneously with 3 major cities across the country, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Can Tho with a total of over 3,000 participants.

In Da Nang, we are expecting to attract more than 1,000 attendees who are IT students, local developers as well as tech lovers from universities, companies and technology-related organizations.

2. Opportunity to update the new technology of Google

I/O 2019, which was held May 7-9 at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA. This event show Important improvements are about to be applied on the company’s key strategic products such as Android, Google Assistant …

A local version of Google I / O, it does not only the technology introduce itself, Google I / O Extended MienTrung will provide the  “spirit” of technology innovation as well as new features, Important improvements on its strategic products.

Many important contents will be shared specifically by GDG MienTrung experts at the event such as more detailed evaluation information about Android Q, new features improved on Google Assistant and Google Lens, some features new related to the security of user information on Google applications such as Drive, Gmail, Pay, Contacts …

Sharing sessions will take place at the Big Hall Room: Google Keynote IO – Updating technology trends; IT Start-up, announcements, introducing major activities in 2019 of Da Nang technology community.

Techtalk Room: Intensive technology sharing sessions from CTO, technology experts and technology sharing sessions from Google Cloud Next took place in the US, scheduled for Hackathon 2019 Cloud mini demo activities.

Tech Startup Department: Exchange sessions, sharing about “startup stories”, introducing and projecting technology startup projects; Internal exchanges for high-level programmers.

Tech Life Room: Sharing sessions “Women in tech”, “Human resources in IT industry”, “‘Developer’s life: Things haven’t shared” …

3. Gathering many domestic and international expert

The speaker is always the soul of every event. With the knowledge, experience, love, passion and great ambition for technology, they are the ones who spread the fire, connect and bring the 4.0 world closer to the young.

Google I / O Extended MienTrung Program 2019 will gather 30 Speakers/Trainers are IT professionals from the US, Singapore, and Vietnam participating with more than 15 technology topics such as Google Cloud, Android / Play, Google Assistant, Firebase, Flutter, IoT, Machine Learning / AI, Gaming, Chrome OS, Location / Maps.

4. The opportunity to connect between startup projects and businesses

Beside shared contents, the highlight of this year’s event also came from more than 30 technology exhibition booths, startup and recruitment projects of schools. Projects, technology applications have been developed by teams of developers;

Exhibition of information, product introduction of technology companies, related industry partner companies, creating investment environment for technology start-up projects, business connections and recruitment connections with many interesting and rewarding activities.

In addition, many event’s activities will support technology start-up projects and technology ideas to access new information and new development opportunities.

The event organizers will cooperate with partners interested in investing and supporting technology startups to carry out assessment and selection of technology start-up projects. Thereby, the project will be provided with free training and consultancy packages, internal pitching to call for investment (capital call sessions and investment and business connections) and exhibitions at the event day before the community.

Mini Hackathon takes place 1 day before the event, expected about 30-50 participants. Groups will be established and develop technology ideas, then they will have presentations to the community on the main event day.

At the event, there will have some important updates such as Google aims to build “Google Student Club” in universities related to information technology (including all support for financial and operational orientation); Notice of establishment of “Google Cloud Group” specializing in Cloud technology; Establishing “Womentechmakers” community in Da Nang, “Google Summer of Code” Program for students …

It’s hard to deny the “hot” of the Google I / O Extended MienTrung event 2019!

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